Why Exhibit


Why Taiwan?

  • To reduce its carbon footprint and increase its independence from foreign energy sources, Taiwan is committing to have 20% of its power (5.5GW) from renewables by 2025.  And then will add 1GW per year till 2035, giving the market stability to develop over well more than a decade ahead.
  • Foreign knowledge and technology is required, but contracts stipulate increasing local content requirements.  For this a strong supply chain must be developed.  Taiwan should become a hub for the industry in Asia creating export opportunities and over 20,000 new jobs.
  • The strong legal framework for investments and respect for intellectual property have drawn most of the wind industry to make Taiwan their Asian HQ.

Why Kaohsiung?

  • Key Taiwanese players, leaders in their fields are located here.  And the heavy industry in Kaohsiung is pushing to upgrade, to create more added value and be greener.
  • Kaohsiung is home to the Ocean Affairs Council, Taiwan’s official governing body for all marine-related policies, the MIRDC (Metal Industries R&D Center) with a specific training center for wind energy, major technical schools and universities, etc.
  • Xinda Port in Kaohsiung will develop as a main base of underwater foundation and operation and maintenance.
  • Kaohsiung Exhibition Center is the only international venue in Taiwan where exhibitions and conferences indoors, can be combined with marinas and outdoor exhibits.
  • Kaohsiung Government and key players will be planning special activities during Wind Energy Asia 2021 to enhance the city’s role as a player in the industry.

Why attend Wind Energy Asia?

  • Unique. The only B2B trading platform dedicated exclusively to the wind energy industry in Taiwan.
  • Show capabilities. Meet major buyers and suppliers from Taiwan and overseas.
  • Commitment. Become an accepted industry player.
  • Develop supply chain. Make Taiwan the wind energy Asian hub.
  • Network. Find partners, Tier 1, 2, 3 suppliers and investors.
  • Learn. Conferences, seminars, presentations by key industry experts share market trends, industry development, introduce new products and technologies.
  • Job Fair. Seize the best talent in the wind industry.